I have had a long relationship with CCS; as an alumni, parent and as a teacher. In all of these roles, I have grown to see the richness of Christian education.  It provides an opportunity to bring the love of God into the classroom.  What a blessing!  This is my ninth year teaching Kindergarten, and I truly love it.  It is a privilege to bring children into the learning community at Calgary Christian School.  The love of God is seen in Kindergarten as we learn about His amazing world, but also as the students grow in the talents, abilities, and gifts given to them by the Lord.

In our Kindergarten classroom, the students will have fun exploring the world, will grow in their knowledge of the alphabet through reading and writing, will express themselves through art and song, and will grow in character as members of our Kindergarten community. 

I am looking forward to a great 2019/20 year!

If you have any questions, please contact me at my e-mail address ... here :) 

Blessings to you!

~ Joylaine deGroot-Jonker